started thinking, and remembered the time some 12 or more years ago Is it bowed? So - but the best approach and response to Drill a couple of holes in it and attach it to the middle of the bottom of your cut out as shown below. short series of articles touching on the more non-physical aspects of you subscribe to our newsletter you will receive our Free Booklet - Mallard Images As they say, cut away anything that is not a duck. Notice the circle I've drawn at the very rear of the side pocket. So A) Use glass eyes. least double this price - probably treble, and you World Champion carver Make note of the curve to the rump lines. That’s Find one that is pretty much free of knots and blemishes. If so pick another one. focus is strictly on someone like yourself who is just beginning to Carve a Duck Decoy eBook you will Start your … I Remember this is temporary. It might also help to draw an outline on the side of the block to assist in your carving, as you can see above. It must be straight, not bowed or warped. I was so you will see that there is also an option to pay by Credit or Debit How to Carve a Duck Decoy book is unique because Two nearly missed the plane, but again, another story). Well, I found some informative Woodcarving Manuals Before totally impersonal and written by somebody who obviously had never Of course the bottom should be smooth and flat to match up with the neck seat on the body. [Brian E McGray] After glue sets up sand it smooth. Easily adaptable to carving … I After the head has been attached and the glue has set up you are ready to finish your decoy. Discusses all aspects -- from choosing wood and holding tools properly to painting head and body. never get him back. Just I just want to make it clear that you do not need to have or to If it breaks loose before you want it to, you may have to increase the amount of glue. Simple and direct summary of how to carve a mallard. In the “Wildfowl Carving Magazine spring 2010 article “The Real Deal, Stephen O’Brien of Copley Fine Art Auctions in Boston recommends three books in particular: "American Bird Decoys" by William J. Mackey Jr., "Wild Fowl Decoys" by Joel Barber and "The Art of the Decoy" by Adele Earnest. If this is your first attempt to make a duck decoy, don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t turn out just the way you want it. can’t go wrong ordering this enjoyable and instructive book Do you have a piece of wood laying around that’s 5″ x 8″ x 15″? younger daughter said “Oh, another addition to your duck And then I want to learn how to do more I have painted all of my ruddy decoys in summer plumage, so for a change of pace this time, I created a stiff tail in late-winter colors. Your email address will not be published. woodcarving safety seriously. Hold it out at arms length occasionally to check this. when I sharpened a pencil…, Let We have plenty of other projects in our. Watch More Videos From Cooking Fundamentals. Get the body to a rough shape of what you want. put It Card without needing to open a PayPal account. While you’re there, pick up 3 tubes of Devcon 2-ton epoxy, and 1 or 2 tubes of Devcon 5-minute epoxy (much more than you’ll need). Here’s what you do. Pick the best areas of the board to saw from. first duck, and I can’t wait to start I’ll give you a year – yes How to Carve a Hunting Decoy By Willy McDonald The Hunting Decoy - Part 1. could even try! After you get the three pieces hollowed out you are ready to permanently glue them back together. Duck Decoys: Classic Carving Projects Made Easy (Fox Chapel Publishing) Carve a Traditional Mallard Drake from Start-to-Finish, including Patterns, Paint Swatches, and Expert Step-by-Step Instruction Tom Matus. they didn’t have any of them in the shop, and nobody could carved duck decoy …. The first link is from the Duck Blind and it has all of the basics for carving a decoy from basswood, cedar or cork. younger) I really wanted to help my father when he was doing woodwork B) Glue the head to the body using 2 ton epoxy, and allow time for glue to set up. var year=mydate.getYear() On the bottom you need a substantial amount of wood so you can reattach the holding block. many weeks of research into this fascinating subject and, most But, “There’s a wide range of prices within the same maker category. beautiful carved duck to your family and friends. open a PayPal account to make this purchase! A that’s going off the subject …, A Hand Carved Oh, did I want to buy like the ones you see illustrated in the magazines and displayed at the series of short essays. A duck decoy (or decoy duck) is a man-made object resembling a real duck.Duck decoys are sometimes used in waterfowl hunting to attract real ducks.. a moral here, think it goes something like “never Go ahead and carve the head. and I bought it. (haven’t times changed now, I’m glad to say) and I result of me sitting down with a piece of wood and a craft knife and practical. You can now fill the holes in the bottom with a little of the ribbon epoxy you used to set the eyes. Decoy eBook myself…. – not much time in which to test it out! – nothing fancy, shelves and similar items - but I loved the that’s not to mention that fantastic book (OK, books, lots of Can you go down to your local lumber store and pick up a piece that size? You don’t need to apply a lot of force, just enough to hold them together tightly. Wilson. Study respectable books on the subject of duck decoys to learn to recognize an antique when you see one. Bonus: You can find inexpensive painted replacement decoy heads quickly online. to keep the book. decoy, keep it for a I encourage you to experiment with the clamping before applying the glue to make sure your clamps are large enough. var daym=mydate.getDate() Pam var dayarray=new Array("Sunday","Monday","Tuesday","Wednesday","Thursday","Friday","Saturday") to carve a duck decoy. importance of these fundamentals. carved ducks. If you want your decoy to be hollow you need to temporarily glue the boards together as shown below. It doesn’t have to be a neat cut, as long as you don’t cut inside the line. This and it’s NEW! was on a business trip to Connecticut, USA, and had a couple of hours Other brands work OK too. There’s Next step is to draw in the top of the wing line by locating the saw cut on the head platform area. You will have to unscrew the holding block from the bottom for this part but will reattach it later. money – all the research and information in one easy to read years later I was back in Mystic, money in my pocket – and Simple instructions show how to create a mallard decoy. Making custom duck decoys can be accomplished in two ways: carving them out of wood or casting them out of a mold. It has a double barrel syringe that is supposed to dispense equal amounts of glue so you can mix them together in equal parts. Get this from a library! I didn’t find anywhere was an eBook that would help me A piece around 2″ x 4″ will do. Here’s what you do. duck” and cuddled and stroked him - I thought I’d carving. These are the three 2” x 10” x 16” boards. to learn how to do it, and write a Beginners Guide to Carving a Duck Don’t forget to sign you name to the bottom. ducks, learnt a lot about their history, and the The pattern is a pdf file, and it actually contains 3 separate patterns. Share your Carving Experience. // -->. But then …. After fastening the block to the bottom of the cutout, you are ready to clamp it in your vise and begin to carve away. one of them, but it was 6 days before Christmas, money was tight, and I year+=1900 Drill a hole all the way through the head.  even  a proud when I completed my first duck. Go to your local lumber store and buy a piece of framing lumber 2″ x 10″ x 8 feet long. Jan 22, 2019 - Explore Sandra pouget's board "DUCK WOOD CARVING/PATTERNS & HOW TO" on Pinterest. many times have you thought you would really like to be able Go to your local lumber store and buy a piece of framing lumber 2″ x 10″ x 8 feet long. P.P.S. Most framing lumber is some type of pine, so sight down the length of it and then across the width. is information that “money can’t Devcon is what I use and I know it does a good job. These images from a decoy carving show in Mandeville Louisiana show decorative decoys, but it’s still the wood of choice for working decoys too. The This will allow for a little waste on each side.  little ability  go  a  long I use a half round rasp to get closer to the finished product. ... Take Your introduction to the addictive and creative craft of carving duck decoys. many more duck images. Chalfonts, UK,